This Week In Room 411

Week of February 8, 2016


Sparkle and Clubs are meeting. Any questions, please call the office.

Monday, February 8th
  • M-Day: PE/Music
  • Full Band

Tuesday, February 9th

  • E-Day: Art
  • Full Band

Wednesday, February 10th

  • T-Day: Library/Counselor
  • Full Band
  • Science Test
  • Valentine's Day Party at 3pm
  • Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, February 11th

  • No School today
  • Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday,February 12th

  • No School

Monday, February 15th

  • No School-President's Day

This Week's Homework

Just a heads up that this week's homework consists of any unfinished work and then assignment in their Writer's Notebook. Nothing will be assigned on Wednesday unless they choose to bring their Writer's Notebook home. Also, remember to use,, and These websites take your child where they are at and then are able to move them forward. Your child uses them in class and know how they work. Also, if your child loves math and wishes I sent more work home, check their progress on and have them work through those levels. Advanced levels are available.

Parent Teacher Conferences

This Wednesday and Thursday are the Spring Conferences and are student led. As your child will be leading the conference (I will be assisting), they are required to attend. Please contact the office if you need to change your scheduled appointment.

Valentine's Day Party

The party is Wednesday at 3pm. We made Valentine's bags in class last week, but if your child would prefer to use a box they made at home they are welcome to do so. I'm including a class list for students needing to address their Valentine's.

Class List-23 students

Girls-Hailey, Ilyana, Litzy, Kaitlynn, Anna, Jade, Judith, Molly, Jenny, Cassiday, Ali, Andrea,


Boys-Micah, Osvaldo, Giovanni, Joshua, River, Luke, Ryan, Jesse, Aiden, Lonnie

Online Safety Parent Opportunity

Click on the button to read the flyer. It is about an opportunity for parents to learn more about online safety for their children.



This week our focus will be on figurative language and informational text. Students will complete their snow globe craftivity on figurative language which will be on display during conferences. We will be reading science texts to meet our informational text standards this quarter.


This week we will use this time to prepare for conferences. In addition, students will work in groups to plan a lunch menu that will be served to Starside in April. Students will not only have to create a menu that students will want to eat, but that follows nutritional guidelines as well. After agreeing on the menu we will begin work on our commercials in order to get the other students to vote on our menu.


This week we will complete our Statue of Liberty chemical change inquiry. We will also review for the test that will occur this Wednesday.


This week we are moving into subtracting mixed numbers and word problems. Below are resources in which to help support your student. The test over this unit will be next Wednesday.

Most days students will be able to finish their math practice in class. However, at home they could work on math facts, either through flashcards or In addition, spend ten to fifteen minutes on to practice our current concepts. If your child has mastered the ones for Numbers Base Ten, then move on to geometry as this is often one that interests students and one they can accomplish independently. Any time your child is requesting more math opportunities, direct them to this site. They are familiar with it.

Math Resources

5.NF.1 - Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators (Singapore Math)
Donors Choose Project Still Accepting Donations

Click on the button to take you to our new Donors Choose project. We need your help in getting trapezoid tables to foster collaboration in our classroom. Feel free to share our link, with anyone who can help.

Lunch Menu (Click Here)

Click on the button to find out what's for lunch.

Accessing Blackboard Learn

Click here for directions on how to access Blackboard Learn. You will find resources for various subjects.

Starside's School Newsletter

Here are the link's to this week's school newsletter.

Starside's Comet

Starside is on Twitter

If you are on Twitter please consider following our classroom and Starside on Twitter. It's a great way to see all the wonderful learning going on at Starside. To follow our classroom, simply go to @StarsideMartin and go to @StarsideComets to follow the school.

Contacting Mrs. Martin

Here you can choose a way to contact me, link up to our Twitter page, or the Starside Elementary website. Also, don't forget that Starside is on Twitter. The handle is @StarsideComets

So many parents have already signed up. Please consider doing so if you haven't already. Remember that students earn a free mechanical pencil when a parent enrolls in the messaging service.