Want to be a Photographer

Come and join us at your local park

What we will Learn

For this club you will be provided with a camera. Volunteer photographers will be there to teach you how to use a camera and some skills. One skill you will be learning is getting the right angle to take a picture. This is only one of the skills you will be learning.

Tuesday, May 5th, 9am

Local Park

You can go to any local park or visit our website at www.learntobeaphotographerscam.com


This is one of the professional photographers. She helps out every gathering. Her name is Felicia Garrenburg. You can see many of here pictures in the photographer Wall of Fame


Type of Work and Enviroment

You will be taking pictures of people, places, objects, and events. Your environment will be great for you if love to be outdoors. A lot of photographers work outside. Like this event we will be taking pictures in the park. Some events will be held inside and you will work inside.

Who will you work with?

You can choose to be self-employed or join a company. Being self-employed you work alone. In a business you usually you have a partner.


You get payed about $25,950. If you are self-employed you can make your own pay rate.

What you use

You use almost your five senses. You don't use taste, unless you want to taste the wedding cake. Just kidding you wouldn't want to do that.

Work Hours

If you are self-employed you can make your own hours. Even if, you are in a business with someone you hours might vary. Like if a wedding is at 5:00 you need to be there even if your shift is suppose to end at 4:30.

Qualities and School Requirments

Qualities you need to qualify for the job is must be creative and have technical knowledge of photographic systems. You need to keep a profile of all your photos and edited work, so when you are applying for a job you can show them your work. Some collages offer a photographer class.

Do you Love to be Outdoors?

Then being a photographer is the right job for you.