12-2 Analyzing Survey Results

Ap-Stats with Kenzie and Alexis!

What is Mean, Median, Mode, and Range?

  • mean is the sum or the data divided by the number of items in the data set.
  • median is the middle number of the ordered data, or the mean of the middle 2 numbers.
  • mode is the number that occurs most often,
  • range is the difference between the greatest and least values.

The Two Types of Data

  1. Quantitative- can be given and analyzed as numerical values. For example test scores of a class or weight of your dog.
  2. Qualitative- cannot be given in a numerical value. For example gender of two people or your favorite television show.

Example: How to find the mean, median, and mode

What's the mean of how many boys and girls like the mystery books?

Add 29 + 23 = 52 and divide by 2 to get 26. The mean is 26.

What's the mode of this graph?

There is no mode for this type of graph.

What's the median of the numbers in the able?

List the numbers from least to greatest. Find the middle. You're left with 17 and 20 so find the average of those two. You get 18.5 as the median.