Changing your Mindset

What parents can do.

In the last newsletter, we defined what mindset is and the two types fixed and growth mindset. This issue we will offer parents ideas to change their mindset at home. Rather that praising your child for "being smart" or "being athletic" try to praise their effort and persistence. The following examples can help parents change their mindset with their child/children.
* I really admire the way you concentrated and finished that task.
* You put so much thought into this.
* I liked the effort you put in, but let's work together some more and figure out what it is you don't understand.
* Everyone learns in a different way. Let's keep trying to find the way that works for you.
* I am proud that you've stuck to it and kept learning.
* I like the way you took on that challenge.
* You really work hard hard and paid attention when you were on the field today.
* I can see you put alot of effort into that routine.
* Keep practicing and you will see the results.