Much Ado About Nothing

By hunter

One event that happens during the play is when Hero fakes her own death. This happens because someone has accused her of "sleeping around" so she was going to try to get back at them by faking her death. This created a lot of commotion because she is the kings daughter
In this scene Benedick is running around through the garden when he overhears people talking about him. The people that are talking about him know that he is listening so they start making up stuff for him to believe. They end up making Benedick believe that he is in love with another women, who he ends up marrying
Benedict and Beatrice got married at the end of the play. This scene wrapped up the play and gave it a happy ending.

Theme Love The Way You Make Me Feel - MJ

The theme i chose for this play would be love. A song that really portrays this theme would be Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel. The song is about a man chasing after a girl and how she makes him feel so complete. This theme is common throughout the play because there are several instances where men are running around chasing women who they think would complete them. One quote from the song is "My lonely days are gone.".

This represents Benedict because he always wanted to be by himself and alone but know that he is inlove with Beatrice, he never wants to be alone again.