Reese Walker, the teen who inspires

By: Jenna Greaves

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Reese Walker (on the right)

Reese is a 16 and a sophemore. He is a multiple sport athlete and a good student. He is a

well rounded polite teen.

Interview with Reese

What do you love to do?

I love playing lacrosse, its fun being part of such a fast pace, incredible sport.

Why do you love lacrosse?

I like hanging out with all my teammates outside of school, its a good way to get closer to them. Being a part of something we all enjoy and appreciate.

What initially made you want to play lacrosse?

When I first quit baseball I felt like I needed a more fast pace sport. it was brought to my attention that lacrosse was really fast and seems like an interesting sport. I also heard brandon mullens played lacrosse and he was my favorite coppell football players at the time, and he inspired me to play it as well.

Whats makes you want to play lacrosse in college?

Growing up watching college lacrosse it has made me want to play. Taking a sport I love to the next level, makes me wanna work on my game and be the best I can be.

What inspires you while you are playing?

God inspires me to play through him ad through his grace. I cant play without him. also when I look up in the stands, my girlfriend is always sitting there cheering me on. I play hard for her because she also inspires me with always supporting me through everything.

What do you think about while playing?

I think about the game, my adrenaline is pumping through my body. Its hard to focus on anythhing but playing my game and scoring.

How do you get prepared for games?

I listen to some pump up music. Get jesus in my head, sometimes read the bible or listen to christian music. I shoot and just get ready to play the game I love.

Why do you play the position you play?

I play midfield because It's fun I love playing it. I like to run, it gets u mentally tough and when your tired that you can't give up because u can't let the team down.

Since you play football, was the transtition from football to lacrosse difficult?

The transition from football to lacrosse is very very rough because football your not running for a long tome in football but in lacrosse thats all it is. But since im a reciever and a middie the catching is very similar so that part of it is easier.

Did scoring the last goal in the jesuit game impact your life?

It was nice scoring the winning goal against my revial team. But its just one goal, theres many to come, you just have to move past it. It was my time to shine then, and so I did.

Why he inspirers me

Reese Walker is a very devoted, strong teenager. In everything he does, he does it with passion and deditation to the Lord. He literally does all things through Christ, which inspriers me to support him. He is someone I want to be like, with his strong faith and unfailing love for all people and things around him. Hes a strong willed passinate teen that inspirers everyone around him.

Narrative poem

The horn went off for last play of the game

He was in the game for the fame

His head was down ready to take off

For the face off

Fans cheering and screaming

As he took flight

He got the ground ball

with players chasing him down the field

He came up to the first defender

rolled right past him

the second and the third

now the fourth

The defender was hopeless

He was going up against reese walker

and as figured he got right past him

now just him and the goalie

2 seconds on the clock

2 to 2

against the best team in the league

jesuit, revivals for years

He began reaching back with his stick

gathering the power everyone knows he has

he was shaking and sweating

of fear of missing the winning shot

As hard as he could

he launched the ball out of his stick

the goalie wasn't ready for what was coming for him

the ball came flying 75 m/p at him

The goalie hesitated

he couldn't see where it was coming

the hesitation cost him the game


The buzzer went off to signal the end of the game

screaming came from the sidelines

his teammates crashed the field

i came sprinting too

As his teammates lifted him up praising him

I came over to congratulate him

He said i did it for you and the lord

as he hugged me in glory