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December 2014 ~ News and Happenings!

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Happy Happy Holidays!!!

WOW! What a month we had in November! You beat our all time record with over $700,000 in sales and a record 54 promotions! You moved mountains, booked a record number of shows! You sponsored! You promoted and coached your teams! You are amazing!!

It is so inspiring to see what is possible when we work together and help our friends and customers shop for gifts during the Holiday Season! December will be even more exciting as we help others book shows, promote a level, or maybe sponsor their first team member.

Be inspired by what others are doing, and don't compare your success to others. One of the joys of our business is that we all have our own journey, our own goals, and our own time frame. Decide what goal is best for you in December, and the time you have to dedicate towards it, and go for it! Anything is possible as we end 2014!

Congratulations to all of you that launched your business, booked your first show, or promoted to Associate Stylist and above! You did it! Thank you for being a part of our community of Stylists and for sharing your tips and wisdom with us! Enjoy every minute of the season with those you love! Tis the season of joy! xoxo

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It’s easy to keep your Stella & Dot business thriving with new product samples every season. Every three months, you have the opportunity to earn free product and significant discounts to acquire just the right amount new products for your display. How? With our Sample Discount Coupon! Earn $500 in samples for only $99 when you sell 2,000 QV, cumulatively over each seasonal quarter.

Qualifying Stars & Above earn $1000 for $198 simply by meeting minimum sales requirement to hit pay rank each month of the quarter!

This is in addition to your existing product credit offers and discount programs:

  • 25% Personal Discount for all active Stylists
  • 50% Sampling: Sell 250 QV in the previous 3 month season, qualify for 50% off each new line
  • $500 FOR $99 Sample Discount Coupon: Sell 2,000 QV in previous 3 month season, qualify to purchase $500 in samples for the cost of $99
  • $1,000 for $198: As a Career Rank Star Stylist or above, sell 2,300 + QV during every month in previous 3 months and double your $500 for $99.

So BOOK! so you can take home this awesome coupon and start your Spring 2015 with the a new display!

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The purpose of the bonus pool

The Founding Leader Family Bonus Pool is designed to recognize and reward Stella & Dot Leaders for building the Stella & Dot brand, which is the foundation of our Family of Brands. This pools rewards Stella & Dot Founding Leaders in a way that enables them to profit from the growth of our Sister Brands, based on continuing to thrive in their core Stella & Dot business.

How to qualify to be eligible for the bonus pool

Founding Stella & Dot Stars (Stella & Dot Stylists who earn at a Pay Rank of Star Stylist or higher in at least one month within October, November and December 2014) have a unique opportunity to participate in the growth and success of new Stella & Dot Family Brands through our Founding Leader Family Bonus.

Just another amazing reason to go for STAR this December!

Stella & Dot Holiday Party - You are Invited!

Join your CEO Jessica Herrin, for a special Bay Area Holiday party! This is a not to be missed event this Holiday season!

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December Marketing

Dot Dollars! Nov 13 ~ Dec 15th:

FAQ on Dot Dollars from the community lounge.

December Trunk Show exclusives

Spring 2015 Preview Collection - launches December 4th

Promotions in November! ~ What amazing month

Wow, we had an amazing promotion month as a team! 2 senior Directors, 4 Directors! and 2 new Associate Directors! wow, just wow. You women are amazing.

And look at all the Stars! and very soon to be Stars! wow.

Stylist Career Rank

Shaina Haller Star Director

Molly Hills Senior Director

Lori Tahsler Senior Drirector

Karie Matthews Director

Allison Pierson Director

Cynthia Briggeman Director

Kim Campanelli Director

Heather Cooper Associate Director

Kristina Clecak Associate Director

Stefanie Loop Star

Kathleen Whitworth Star

Sara Gross Star

Jennifer O'Leary Star

Melissa Lucero Star

Nicole Araiza Star

Lisa Arrington Star

Lauren Barbounis Star

Allison Birdwell Star

Ragan Edwards Star

Hilleri Keely Star

Jennifer Barner Senior

Audrey LAIB Senior

Kimberly Garner Senior

Loni Brewster Senior

Amy Larsen Senior

Jennifer Finley Senior

Heather Downey Senior

vivienne gilmartin Senior

Jennifer Archer Senior

Sherri Carmouche Senior

Amy Costello Senior

Michelle Busalacchi Associate Stylist

Shar Katz Associate Stylist

Mary Krugh Associate Stylst

Maggie Ventura AS

Kristin Clousing AS

Gabrielle Gumbs AS

Danielle Nairn AS

Paula Fanning AS

Nicole Esparza AS

Casey Fleck AS

Katie Bowman AS

Kristin Barnes AS

Danielle Hollier AS

Penny Garner AS

Jane Reid AS

Jennifer Ruby AS

Susan Smith AS

Kristy Poindexter AS

Dana Carey lead

Elissa Tryfon lead

Maxine Strain lead

November Sales - Congratulations to our top in sales and all of you that were qualified with $500 in sales!

Stylist Retail Volume

1 Lucy Wheeler 13,885

2 Cynthia Briggeman 13,482

3 Lori Tahsler 12,341

4 Heather Cooper 11,295

5 Karie Matthews 10,451

6 Rita Riemer 10,127

7 Lisa Arrington 10,076

8 Molly Hills 9,691

9 Allison Pierson 9,325

10 Ragan Edwards 8,873

11 Mia Dalsemer 7,677

12 Allison Birdwell 7,299

13 Sara Gross 7,195

14 Ivy Nagel 7,066

15 Kim Campanelli 6,863

16 Liz Hansen 6,551

17 Reagan Roberts 6,537

18 Kathleen Whitworth 6,352

19 Samantha Ballard 6,219

20 Susie Lauck 5,819

21 Loni Brewster 5,614

22 Kristen Marcozzi 5,592

23 Jennifer O'Leary 5,590

24 Danielle Hollier 5,440

25 Nicole Araiza 5,246

26 Tessa Gay 5,199

27 Amy Walker 5,144

28 Peigin Crowley 4,883

29 Nicole Esparza 4,591

30 Kathi West 4,543


32 Kendra Deahr 4,530

33 Amy Larsen 4,339

34 Kristina Clecak 4,228

35 Kristin Clousing 4,222

36 Kimberly Garner 4,167

37 Shaina Haller 4,152

38 Fiona Collins 4,044

39 Melissa Lucero 4,037

40 Jenny Gremillion 4,025

41 Danielle Nairn 3,870

42 Sara Friesen 3,854

43 Jennifer Finley 3,822

44 Mary Gomes 3,752

45 Stefanie Loop 3,748

46 Margaret Blouin 3,649

47 Sarah Waggenspack 3,589

48 stephanie nixon 3,549

49 Lauren Barbounis 3,527

50 Marisa Schwabe 3,512

51 Casey Fleck 3,398

52 Jennifer Barner 3,339

53 Leslie Zodikoff Angier 3,249

54 Angela Mancuso 3,234

55 Lisa Schwarzenberg 3,135

56 Jane Reid 3,106

57 Whitney Nelson 3,031

58 Taylor Friar 3,020

59 Penny Garner 3,000

60 Janis Scott 2,959

61 Kim Gales 2,849

62 kelli dupell 2,788

63 Rae Dykes 2,767

64 Sara Gummow 2,713

65 Kelsi Schmitz 2,710

66 Adriane Marsh 2,696

67 Amy Costello 2,632

68 Michelle Busalacchi 2,624

69 Maggie Ventura 2,588

70 Adrienne Wildman 2,562

71 Nancey Gerard 2,548

72 Elena Pyle 2,524

73 Alexis Sousa 2,506


75 Katie Bowman 2,479

76 Sara Competente 2,473

77 Camlyn Ross 2,447

78 Hilleri Keely 2,434

79 Elizabeth deVictoria 2,409

80 Adrienne Lezama 2,401

81 Marian Dowling 2,381

82 Heather Downey 2,362

83 Leticia Villarreal 2,359

84 Odette Vandaveer 2,348

85 Mariah Coverston 2,312

86 Mary Clements 2,304

87 Anna Nicolopulos 2,297

88 Kristy Poindexter 2,265

89 Karena Paulsen 2,214

90 Heidi Robinson 2,210

91 Marie Nicolopulos 2,194

92 Fiona Carroll 2,170

93 Mary Cullinane 2,154

94 Amy Doyle 2,103

95 Paula Fanning 2,094

96 Kristine Clupny 2,084

97 vivienne gilmartin 2,082

98 Jennifer Archer 2,050

99 Laura Schnur 2,039

100 Becky Horn 2,035

Sponorting In November!

Heather Cooper 2

Lisa Arrington 2

Danielle Hollier 2

Audrey LAIB 2

Lisa Herrington 2

Rebecca Seguin 2

Karie Matthews 1

Molly Hills 1

Ivy Nagel 1

Kim Campanelli 1

Samantha Ballard 1

Nicole Araiza 1

Peigin Crowley 1

Nicole Esparza 1

Kristin Clousing 1

Shaina Haller 1

Melissa Lucero 1

Danielle Nairn 1

Jane Reid 1

Penny Garner 1

Maggie Ventura 1

Heather Downey 1

Marie Nicolopulos 1

Sian Horn 1

Andrea Franulovich 1

Sarah Barnes 1

Amy Abadie 1

Sherry Croak 1

Megan Luce 1

Dates to Remember!

Director's Retreat - January 9-11th

Stellar Dots leader retreat at the Ritz Carlton - tbd (STARS and above)

HOOPLA in LAS VEGAS-July 16-18th!

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