King Andrew the First

Abuser of Power

King Andrew

Andrew Jackson was known as the "Common Man". This was our first clue. No common man could be the President, who could run it efficiently and well.

Spoils System

The Spoils System is where you reward supporters with government jobs. Jackson did this, and he basically put men in government jobs, who had no political background what so ever. Would you want some one with no political background making important decisions for the country? I didn't think so .

Trail Of Tears

Even after the court ruling of Worcester v. Georgia, which said that the Cherokee had the right to their land, Jackson continued with his Indian Removal Act. Soldiers marched the Cherokees from Georgia to present-day Oklahoma. 4,000 Cherokees died from the journey. Jackson basically killed thousands of people just to gain a little bit of land.

Killing the National Bank

Earlier established in the McCulloch v. Maryland case, the National Bank was considered constitutional. Disregarding that, Jackson decided to kill the National Bank because he didn't feel that it was for the common man, but instead for the wealthy.

Jackson was a supporter of the spoils system, as shown above. He fired people who had been there since Washington's presidency, and replaced them with his own supporters, who were less than competent. The saying on the plaque "To the victors belong the spoils". He, the victor, and the spoils, being the people he gave jobs.