Pikachu's Trip Through The Forest

By:Jose Pablo

Finding The Lost Charmander

Pikachu found 25 trees but 12 were burned.How many trees did Charmander not burn?
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Fighting The Evil Charmander

Charmander is firing fire at Pikachu but he's only shooting fire in groups of 5 but he only shoots 45. How many groups of fire did Charmander shoot?
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Following the Path

Pikachu and Chamander have found a long path but Charmander and Pikachu are 1 foot wide it gets Skinner the farther you go in and its stops at 3 feet wide.How much wider do they have to be in order to cross the border?
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Pikachu finds Walmart!

Pikachu see's a pack of five apples that cost $5 he ended up paying $35?How many packs of apples did Pikachu buy?
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