Everyday Hero: The Father Angel

Angela Vera Sanchez 1ºESO B

The Father Angel is an everyday hero because he is a priest that has dedicated his life to helping people who need it most. In 1972 he created an association called "Mensajeros de la paz ", is currently present in forty-seven countries around the world. This association helps children, youth, disabled, women ... and people who are in poor countries or war.

The Father Angel works as a president of an association to helps people and a priest but he only work as a president. A typical working day for a president means starting work at morning and finishing at night. A president works in a office and travels all the world.

At work, The Father Angel has to take money for charity. To be a president of a association you need these skill speak a foreign language, deal with people, make a deal.

I would like to be a president of an association because is a very important job and you can help other people. I would prefer to be a teacher because I would like to teach other persons and I like the children.