THA Community Care Packaging

Temple Honors Appalachia 2016

What are we doing?

Temple Honors Appalachia is organizing a collection of hygiene products, snacks, drinks, blankets, and books which, as a big group, we'll organize into large freezer bags and take and distribute in the city. The goal is to make convenient bags of some essentials and give to people who need them. Appalachia participants will be getting to know each other and will be engaging with the community.

Drop off any donations you have in the Honors Lounge. If you're not a part of THA this year, you're more than welcome and encouraged to be a part of our event!

THA Community Care Packaging

Saturday, April 9th, 3:30pm

Honors Lounge

On the 9th, we'll be meeting in the Honors Lounge (Tuttleman 204) to organize and package all that we collect (there will be cookies). On the 10th, we'll be meeting by the subway on the corner of Cecil B. Moore and Broad outside of Q'doba to go into the city to distribute what we've collected.

The Game Plan

April 9th

@ ~3:30 PM- meet in the Honors Lounge to organize and package the donations AND eat cookies

April 10th

@ ~noon- meet at the Subway on the corner of Cecil B. Moore and Broad

No definite end times for either day, we'll just see how it goes :)