6 Traits of Writing

Jack Kragenbrink


  • choose a topic that you like and will interest others.
  • include details facts, statistics, examples thoughts, and, feelings.


  • include topic sentences main ideas with transitions details with more sentences and conclusions
  • Topic are green main ideas are yellow details are red conclusions are also green


  • Make the reader what to read more!
  • show the reader don't tell.

word choice

  • Use exiting adverbs and adjectives.
  • use a thesaurus

sentence fluency

  • Combine short choppy sentences to make long smooth ones
  • Use different lengths of sentences


  • Edit using C.O.P.S.
  • Use evaluation sheets and other sheets you worked on in class.

6 Traits of Writing- a photostory

The writing process


  • Coming up with an idea
  • The first step


  • Almost the same as brainstorming
  • Get a topic
  • use t-table


  • Start writing
  • Sometimes called a rough draft or a sloppy copy


  • If you don't like where something is move it
  • changing sentinces


  • Fix mistakes
  • Use C.O.P.S


  • Sharing it with other people!!!

Writing tools


  • use green, yellow, and red.
  • main ideas, topic, tell me more.

Core 4 topic sentences

  • make 4 sentences that you what to you for your topic sentences
  • number sentence, simple sentence, question, and situation stance


  • Use your cheat sheet
  • don't only use first , second, and third

Main idea sentnces

  • Transition
  • red

Details/tell me more

  • Information about the topic
  • yellow

Conclusions sentences

  • don't use a question
  • green