Physical Therapy

The everyday life of a physical therapist!

What is Physical Therapy?

treatment of injury (etc.) by physical methods like exercise (ect.) rather than by drugs or surgery.

Number 1 asked question: Why should I become a Physical Therapist?

It is a great way for exercise to stay in shape! Not only is it for that, but for also people you need it most and for the love of healing others!

what is in the life of a PT (Physical Therapist)

Work starts early, so rise and shine! It is at least a 5 hour work day. Sometimes you even have to stay late. During the day you meet patients for 1 up to 2 or even more hours. When you see patients you have to be able to communicate well and reassure them to make them feel comfortable, for they may be put in situations they don't like. You may see the same patients up to only a few weeks to a few months! Teaching them how to walk and do everyday-normal things again. Not only can it be fun, but you can make it a great work place and making your patient feel comfortable!

I highly recommend this field if you love helping others and seeing them progress into normal life again!

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