Earth Day!

April 22

What Its all about

This Earth Day I am thinking about ways I can help the environment around me. For starters try not to use and electricity all day! No lights until its dark, dry your clothes outside, and no TV, phones or computers all day. All the time that you will be saving avoiding electronics you can go clean up a park or road! If you get others to join in it will just make it easier, more fun and you will get more done! Use reusable water bottles and bags. Avoid all use of paper today too. It may sound like if its just you doing it it wont make a difference in our world, well it will! And the more people that see this flyer and the more people you to help out today the bigger of a difference it will make in our world today.

What is Earth Day?

April 22 of 197 earth day was invented. It was made so that if one day a year if everyone on the planet cuts back and things that will harm our environment it will make a great difference in our world. And so far it has so lets keep it going and help out April 22!