Mysterious Powders

Lab Report

The Tests

We tested the iodine, PH,PR, and vinegar. We ran the iodine test for starch.We tested PR for an acid. We also tested PH for colors. The last thing we tested was vinegar and we tested that to see if it would bubble.

Tests Photos

We think it was red because we tested it for acid. This photo shows the red powder and the liquid that we used, was PR. We tested iodine to see if it had any starch and in this picture it shows that it did. We tested PH because we wanted to see if it would change colors. Last but not least we tested the vinegar, the reason we tested the vinegar was to see if it bubbled, it fizzed but didn't bubble.


We think it is red because it was the same number as the last time. We think that it was green because it had starch. We think that it is orange because it also had starch. We also think it is yellow because when we stirred it dissolved and sucked up the PT.

Learning Message

I learned that you can mix any type of powders with many type of liquids. I learned that not all the powders are going to fizz.