Sir Charles Lyell

Kyveeon Young, Hour 3

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Background Information and How He Started Liking Science

He was born on November 14, 1797 in Kinnordy, Scotland. He was the oldest of ten children. His father was a naturalist who then turned to more literary pursuits. Lyell went to a series of private schools but he didn't really like school. His first scientific hobby that involved science was collecting butterflies and aquatic insects, that took some years. His observations was beyond ordinary than any other boy.

Major Contribution to Science

Lyell was the most famous geologist and lawyer of his time. Lyell produced three major books that he revised over his lifetime. One of his books, Principles of Geology (1830-33) is the most influential. It argued that observable geological processes in the present could and should be used to explains finds in the past. He also contributed by an explanation for the cause of earthquakes, the endorsement of geological surveys, and the categorization of strata or rock layers.
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Awards Given

  • Royal Medal, 1834
  • Copley Medal, 1858


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Charles Lyell and Geologic Time