The truth about Prescription Drugs

Project for Health By Jessica and Jordyn

What is it?

A drug that you can buy over the counter. Its in Pill form, Liquid form, and powder form. This drug can be misused and overdosed on for a short high.

How its used

This drug can be swallowed, Snorted, Injected, and you can mix it in drinks.

Prescription drugs

Short term effects

Short term effects include: Depression, Fever, and Dizzyness

Long term Effects

Sleep problems, Vomiting, Sexual problems, and irregular heart beat.

Street names

Some people refer to this drug as Candy, downers, Sleeping pills, Tranks, Yellow, and Black Beauties.

History Of Prescription drugs

This drug started out as just an over the counter pill then people overdosed and found it gave you a short high now drug dealers are selling it and kids/adults are becoming additcted to this drug.

Other Facts..

-This drug comes in all different colors to make it look apealing.

- This drug is also said to reduce sytoms of mental illness's.

- National studies show that a teen is more likely to have abused a prescrription drug than any other illegal drug.

- Many teens think this ddrug is safe to use when it isn't

Prescription Drug Abuse PSA by @RyanRstar