Virginia Wesleyan College

Criminal Justice Major

Majoring in Criminal Justice

I plan on majoring in criminal jutice and minoring in psycology in college. With this major I plan on getting a bachelors degree in it and then get a job in the FBI as a special agent, criminal investigator. During my time at college I could possibly get an internship at the FBI academy in Quantico Virginia, which is only a little under 2 hours away from the school. After graduating from college I could possibly go back to school and get another degree in something else that can relate to my career, because in the job it is better to be diverse in what you do. A criminal justice major could take a different assortment of classes based on other things that they might like to do. But the basic criminal justice major takes classes such as: Introduction to Criminology, Criminology Theory, Law Enforcment, Introduction to Criminal Law, Legal Writing, Psycology, Sociology and Court Systems are just some possible classes. Student majoring in criminal justice explore every aspect of crime, the law and the justice system.

The College

At Virginia Wesleyan, there are a few requirements for incoming freshman if they want to get in. With an 86% acceptance rate, you only need an average GPA of 3.2 and an SAT or ACT score of 1000. With only about 2,000 students, Virginia Wesleyan is a very small school. Virginia Wesleyan is located right on the border of Virginia beach, it is only 15-20 minutes from the beach its self. This gives the students there so many things to do in their free time. The motto of the school is, preparing each student for a meaningful life and career. Meaning that at Virginia Wesleyan they don't just care about while you are in the school, they care about your life after it too.

The Clubs and Organizations

Virginia Wesleyan offers many different clubs and organizations for all students at the college. They have over 50 different clubs and actvities offered. There are 7 different Fraternities and Sororities here for students, ost are available for all students but some are not. There are a total of 17 different sports teams offered to students interested in athletics at the school. There are academic clubs, clubs based on your GPA, your career you are intrested in and many other things. Clubs and different activities are great things to be involved in because they can help you with other skills other then just social things.

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