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February 15, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness Week

The SMS Student Council invites all of us to participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week. RAK Week is sponsored by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Check out the graphic below to see what the council is challenging us to do and watch the Student Council RAK video during Connect today for more ideas about ways that we can make the world a better place!
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Mid-Terms Today

SMS Mid-Terms were distributed to parents today. Parents/guardians with Harmony email addresses were emailed a link to the report. Parents/guardians without Harmony email addresses were sent reports in the mail. All parents/guardians can access Mid-Terms also through Harmony Family Access.

Mid-Terms are a snapshot of current performance. What will your snapshot look like? There is still time for your grades to go up (or down!) Friday, March 11th is the last day of the grading period. Get the job done! Work hard!

ISTEP+ Plans

Are you ready for ISTEP+? ISTEP+ is ready for you!!

Our ISTEP+ Part 1 testing plan is set. Part 1 is called Applied Skills. There are relatively few problems and they are often multi-step. Applied Skills questions frequently have real-life scenarios that you have to figure out. Part 2 testing starts in late April. Part 2 is a more typical multiple choice format with many tech-enhanced questions. Your total ISTEP+ score is a combination of Part 1 and Part 2.

Here are the details on the Part 1 Applied Skills test.

  • All students will take one 35 minute math test on paper/pencil. Pearson does not yet have a fully operational online ISTEP+ math test.
  • All students will take two ELA test sessions on MacBooks. The first test is 20 minutes and requires you to type short answers to some questions. The second test has two parts. Test 2a is 20 minutes and 2b is 55 minutes. Tests 2a and 2b have to be taken together. These tests include a long reading passage about which you will answer questions and then write a longer essay.
  • Sixth grade students will take a 30 minute science test on MacBooks.
  • Seventh grade students will take a 25 minute social studies test on MacBooks.
  • Students will take practice tests the week before we take the actual test.
  • Students will take the tests in class with their subject area teachers. This is a new opportunity! Pearson does not require all students to take the tests at the same time.

Testing Schedule

Wednesday, February 24th- Math practice tests in math class

Wednesday, February 24th- ELA practice tests in ELA class

Thursday, February 25th- SS and Science practice tests in SS and Science class

Tuesday, March 1st - ELA Session 1 in ELA class

Wed-Thu-Fri, March 2nd-3rd-4th - ELA Session 2a and 2b in ELA class (special schedule for longer periods, you will test ONE of these three days)

Monday, March 7th - Math Session 1 in math class

Tuesday, March 8th - 7 SS and 6 Science Session 1 in SS and Science class

Tiny Writers Project

Responses to Tiny Write #3 (describe earth) are available on the SMS web site!

Tiny Write #4- Write a one sentence argument over who Scottsburg should name its next street after. (The person does not have to be a resident of the 'burg.)

Submit your Tiny Write to Miss Nass via Canvas inbox message. Entries are due by noon Friday.

"We Can Do Better" Challenge

Hey, SMS! We have to improve on something and we need to do it now!

Horseplay, AKA messing around, is causing us some problems. Typically starting between two friends that are being funny, horseplay can end with someone getting hurt or getting in trouble. Avoid the hassle by avoiding horseplay. Don't push, poke, shove, race, or grab your friends. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves! Remember that rule from Kindergarten? It still applies now. Thank you for not participating in horseplay!

Freshman Boot Camp Being Planned

Eighth grade students were advised of a new summer school course being planned at SHS. Freshman Boot Camp is designed to provide extra math and ELA support for students that have not fully mastered the 8th grade standards. The course will meet for several weeks in June on the SHS campus and it will be taught by SHS staff. Students with a failing grade at semester for any core subject will be considered for mandatory participation. Assigned students that do not attend or do not pass the class will be retained in 8th grade.

Eighth graders. Get busy. Get your work done.

SMS v. SHS Spirit Night

We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how 'bout you? Calling all Warriors and Warriorettes! The SMS v. SHS Spirit Contest is tomorrow night at the Warrior game vs. Paoli. Game time is 6 PM with the JV contest prior to the varsity contest.

Make a plan to attend the game at Meyer Gym tomorrow night. Wear spirit attire and plan to cheer like crazy for the Warriors!

Calendar Clues

Mon. 15 B/Connect: SNOW DAY!

Tue. 16 A: 8 D/S in INQ, Archery 3-4:30, Swimming v. Switzerland County, Wrestling @ Charlestown, SMS v. SHS Spirit Night at SHS game/Meyer Gym

Wed. 17 B: Cross 7:45a, 8 D/S in INQ, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, Archery 3-4:30, Yearbook 3-4, Wrestling v. Madison

Thu. 18 A/Connect: Student Council 7:15 AM, Archery 3-4:30, Builders' Club 3-4

Fri. 19 B:

Mon. 22 A/Connect: Science Olympiad 3-4:30, Archery 3-4:30, Builders' Board

The Lunch Box

SMS Menu

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