Louis Zamperini & FDR

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Louis Zamperini

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Louis Early Life

Born into a Italian immigrant parents in Olean, NY. Louis grew up in Torrance, California, and ran track for Torrance High School and it revealed that he had a strong passion for long-distance running. Running a 4 minutes 21.2 second mile he set the National High School Record. His ability got the attention of University of Southern California, and earning a scholarship, to be apart of the school.

Louis Zamperini tells his story

Louis's Obstacle

After Louis got home from the POW camp he wasn't facing the everyday threat of whether he is going to live or not. Now he had to live with the mental and emotional trauma of the last two years, he wasn't quite the same after the fact. In the article Overcoming Obstacles: How Louis Zamperini Remained 'Unbroken' it states "Louis came home a deeply, deeply haunted man. Every night waking up from the horrible nightmares screaming about the guard who nearly killed him trying to break his spirit who was nicknamed "The Bird." Back then there was no diagnosis but today they would have diagnosed him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to cope with this he started to abuse alcohol and his marriage started to decline. In order for Louis to get through the PTSD he went through steps to make him whole again and to live 70 more happy and successful years. These stages were faith, forgiveness, hope, and letting go.

The Stages

First there is faith, their marriage in deep struggle Louis wife sent him to a local crusade, he was resilient at first because that it what he was always taught, he let the gospel into him, Louis believed that God was there on the raft with him, and had helped him survive. He then arrived home, and didn't have a nightmare and in fact hasn't one since that meeting. Next is forgiveness, it is hard to give this to the people that made life horrible, " the Bird, " and even other prison guards I'm sure that the Bird wasn't the only one there in the POW camp. It is shown that forgiveness leads to better physical health, limit anxiety, and prevent depression. Louis's faith lead him to forgive the terrible prison guards that did the awful things to him, he then did something that is astonishing, after everything he went through in Japan he returned there just to forgive the prison guards that are now serving out their sentences for their crimes. He wrote the Bird telling him how his treatment affected him, offering his forgiveness, and in the Letter Louis wrote " Love has replaced the hate I had for you." Then we see hope, using this throughout his time on the raft, in the camp, hope seemed pointless in their situation, death look inevitable. This hope that Louis had during his tragic experiences helped him as he battled the mental and emotional obstacles he faced when he got home. He had hope of the future where there was freedom from the agony of the past. Holding on to things causes people to be stressed and this often times affects our relationships, not knowing it. Louis could not move on with his life before he faced the PTSD and after he got passed that with extreme efficiency and speed he went on to live successful and happy life, he became an inspirational speaker, started camps for troubled youth, and he carried the Olympic torch relay at the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.


Here it will show you the letter of Louis Zamperini and the story with it too. For more about Louis and his forgiveness click the link below.


Louis Zamperini's Letter to the Bird

Accomplishments of Louis

  • His story of survival was featured in the 2010 best-selling book “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand, and later turned into a movie “Unbroken” released in November of 2014.

  • Qualified for the Berlin Olympics Games at the age of 19, he then went on to place 8th at the 1936 Olympic Games 5000m in 14:46.8 with a sub-60 second final lap.

  • Survived through being a prisoner of war, during World War ll in a POW Japanese camp.

  • Overcame PTSD, in the processes did things that people wouldn't have dreamed of doing, forgiving the people who harmed him in any way through Christ, and went on to live a happy life.

  • Took his life story and the struggles of it to benefit people.

Quotes of Louis Zamperini

"To preserve is important to everybody. Don't give up, don't give in. There is always an answer to everything."~Louis Zamperini

“All i want to tell young people is that you’re not going to be anything in life unless you learn to commit to a goal. You have to reach deep within yourself to see if you are willing to make the sacrifice.”~Louis Zamperini

"Where there's still life, there's still hope."~Louis Zamperini

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin's Early Life

Franklin born in Hyde Park NY into a wealthy family, Franklin received most of his education from private tutors or his parents. He then attended a prestigious preparatory school. From there he went to Harvard for 3 years earning his bachelors degree in history. After that he went to New York's Columbia university to study law he passed the bar exam but never got a degree. Franklin went with a new York city law firm. Then finally in 1910 he went into politics as a New York Senator.
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Franklin's Obstacle

Franklin's Obstacle is character vs society

In 1921 While vacationing in Campobello Island New Brunswick Roosevelt contracted Poliomyelitis or more commonly known as polio. It restricted the use of limbs from the waist down. Franklin tried everything to help it he tried a hot spring which didn't cure it, but he liked it so much he bought the hot spring and made a polio therapy center. During this time period any diseases or sicknesses are seen a weakness and during this time america was very weak and he didn't want to be perceived as weak so he made sure the paparazzi didn't take pics of him and he used podiums, walking sticks, his officers, and leg braces to help him stand he projected himself as strong even though he was failing he kept the nation together in a time of distress and failure and created a force not to be reckoned with.

Quotes to describe Franklin

"He lifted himself from a wheelchair to lift the nation from its knees" -Jean Smith

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" -FDR

Mini BIO - Franklin D. Roosevelt
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