Th1rteen Re3sons Why

What i think about Hannah.

What happened to hannah?

She commited suicide because of the bullies and gossip she was done with everyone and everything.

Some things me and hannah have in common

  • We both have a crush that is scared to show people how he feels because hes scared of what people think...because he goes with what he heard not what he knows.
  • We both dont stick up for our selfs to anyone.. just gave up.
  • we both have no true sucks because you have no one to trust and talk to.
  • Cant talk to anyone about our feelings well we can but they dont actully understand what we are going through.
  • We both have dreams set for our selfs..but sadly she eneded her life..

Things we dont have in common.

  • She killed her self to solve her problems
  • She gets taken advantage over by boys
  • she cut her hair as if it was helping her start over

Poems and quotes from Hannah.


They both are depressing and sad. this might be a song that hannah might listen to because she was sad just hte person in the song.
Maroon 5 - Sad Lyrics

THE 13 REASONS WHY. she killed her self

1.) Justin Foley - He was her first kiss, and gives her a bad rep.

2.) Alex Standall- He makes a Best butt list and a hot or not list.

3.) Jessica Davis- Her and Hannah became friends after being introuced by the school guidance counselor Ms. Antilly. Her(Jessica) and Hannah go and hang out at Monet's were they go over and question Alex about which one of them was he "checking out", he claims he was checking them out, but that he was new there to. They quickly become friends, and hang out at Monet’s. Jessica is later angered at the rumors that something happened between Alex and Hannah, because her and Alex used to have a thing for each other. Jessica slaps/scratches Hannah(giving Hannah the little scar above her eyebrow).

4.) Tyler Down- Tyler spies on Hannah and takes pictures of her when she is in her room. He takes away her peace and the feeling of being safe in her room. Hannah tells Courtney the next day after she thinks someone is spying on her, Courtney seems very interested in the idea that Hannah's being "stalked". Hannah allows Courtney to come over to her house and help catch the pervert(Hannah's parents are away for the week).He is the one who takes the picture of Hannah and Courtney at the party. Tyler later takes the picture of them(Hannah and Courtney) at the party.

5.) Courtney Crimsen- She pretends to be friends and nice to everyone, but really she uses Hannah so that she can keep a "friendly with everyone" reputation. After catching Tyler, she doesn't really talk to Hannah. Hannah tries to talk to her in class, but starts to see that Courtney's just using her after she doesn't say "Good Bye". Still, she wants to believe its not true and allows herself to say yes to drive, or has Courtney said "go to the party with her".

6.) Peer Communications class (Zack Dempsey)

7.) The Poetry group (Ryan Shaver)- Ryan and Hannah join a poetry writing group that is supposed to write about happy things, but to both of their surprises, the rest of the group seems to write about death and loss. (Hannah joined thinking it would help cheer her up). Her and Ryan talk after one session when waiting outside, and they exchange notebooks, allowing the other one to read their poems. Ryan comments on one poem, and finds the hidden message in it, and later he publishes it in his magazine that publishes Lost and Found items. The poem is discussed in English class much to Hannah's dismay.

8.) Clay Jensen- Hannah says he shouldn't really be on the list and that it's more "one of these things aren't like the others" on the list.

9.) Her and Justin allowing Jessica to be raped- Hannah and Clay bump into each other at the party and they go up to a room. They start kissing, but than she remembers the painfully memories of what kissing Justin did. She demands that Clay leaves, and after a few awkward moments he does. She's sitting on the floor, on the side not facing the door, a couple(Justin and Jessica) come in and make out. Justin leaves the room, but guards the door, after realize Jessica is to drunk to make out. After Bryce tries a couple times to go in the room, and Justin tells him no, Justin gives in and allows Bryce to go in. Hannah is now hiding in the closet, and she can hear Bryce climb on the bed and rape the passed out Jessica.

10.) Jenny Kurtz- Jenny offers Hannah a ride home form the party(were Hannah and Clay kissed, and Jessica was raped) and Hannah accepts. Jenny had swerved and hit a stop sign, when Hannah insisted that they called the police, Jenny told her it was only a stop sign and to get out of her car. Later, a man is killed and another injured because of the stop signing not being there.

11.) Mr. Porter- He's a guidance counselor and a teacher. Hannah goes to him before committing suicide and tries to talk to him about it, but he doesn't help,he only wants to question her, and he doesn't seem to think she is suicidal .

12.) Marcus- At their school, before Valentine’s day they have a valentine survey that allows students to find "their soul mate" for one dollar to take the survey and five to get the list of their top five matches. Hannah lands as number one on Marcus list. He asks her out an a date, she says yes. He ends up coming thirty minutes late, because he wanted to check if she didn't know he wasn't serious. They sit in a booth at the back and he starts to touch her thigh, she tells him to stop and she shoves him out of the booth. He than calls her a tease.

13.) Hannah giving up on life, allowing herself to be touched by Bryce(giving in to the rep. she had after the rumors Justin made up)

Suicide isnt a joke...If you know someone who wants to commit suicide

  1. Talk to them
  2. DONT leave them alone
  3. Ask them questions.
  4. Ask them if they know what they are saying..make sure you tell them its not a joke.
  5. Take away anything they can harm their selfs with.
  6. And if needed call the suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255
  7. THERE IS MANY MORE THINGS YOU CAN DO.dont make the mistake that clay to that person if you see any thing pointing to suicide or deep depresion.


Dont miss Selena Gomez as Hannah in thirteen reasons why comming soon in Theaters!!

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