Scientific Investigations

By Kayla and Olivia

Asking Scientific Investigations

The main idea of the paragraph is that scientific quistions are not opions they are facts that can be proven. To be a scientific quistion it has to realat to science.

Describing Matter

Describing Matter is a property that you can measure or describe like size, shape, texture, and color.

Changing Properties

Some properties of a substance can change. For example, water is a liquid but when it freezes it is a solid. When water evaporates it is a gas, water vapor. Water vapor can change back into a liquid when it touches a cool surface. This is called condensation.


Evaporates - when a liquid evaporates, it becomes a gas.

Condenses - When a gas condenses, it becomes a liquid again.

Conductor - A conductor is substance that carries electricity or heat.

Mass - Mass is the amount of matter in something. You can use a balance to measure mass

State Of Matter - State of matter are forms that can matter.

Matter - Matter is any object or substance that has mass and volume.

Volume - Volume is how much space takes up.


What is mass?

What is one of the names of our headers?

Can you name a conductor?

Can you name a liquid?