Travel guide to Canada

Environmental Issues of Canada

The biggest problem is acid rain, which is polluting the Great Lakes. Acid rain is caused by air pollution from factories burning coal and other fossil fuels. Any chemical that is released in to the air can pollute, which can cause acid rain. When pollution and clouds meet, they form acid rain. High amounts of acid rain can kill fish and damage or kill trees. Some of the pollution is blown over from other countries.

Another environmental issue is created from the extraction and over use of natural resources from the Canadian shield. This is causing damage to the land. Blasting and digging harms the environment around it. Sometimes when trees are cut down, several other trees are cut down just to get to the desired timber.

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Where Do The People of Canada Live and Why

Most Canadians live in the southeast because it is warmer there. Places more North and Westward can be so cold that it would be miserable to live there. Trade is another reason why Canadians live near the border. Trade produces many jobs for the people. More than a third of the population of Canada lives in southern Ontario.