Dress Code

The unfair disadvantages and limitations

Limited too much

Have you ever been told that your shorts were too short? Or that your shirt wasn't "appropriate"? Now there are some limitations that have to be made, because we can't all come to school in our bathings suits. But sometimes we're limited too much! People, mostly girls, that are tall or have really long arms are at a disadvantage when it comes to the length of shorts. Because our arms go down way further than those of shorter girls, therefore the "fingertip" rule makes it harder to have 'dress code appropriate' outfits to wear. What about a cool new hat you just got that you want to wear to school? It's too bad, because wearing hats are against school dress code violation. And when you have those days here in Texas when it's 90-100 degrees, don't you just want to wear a tank at school to stay cool? Well, since the dress code doesn't allow your shoulders to show, you can't wear it! These rules aren't fair and there needs to be change made! Talk to our principal or other AP's how you feel about the limitations of our dress code at Coppell High School.
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