Johnny Cash Review

Leila Lambert

Johnny Cash was all about music, but he had a wild ride.

His Life Before Music

Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas on Febuary 26, 1932. Johnny was in child labor when he was five years old doing yard work and other things to help his family He also bought his own guitar and started writting songs when he was around ten years old. He started smoking when he was just 12 years old! In 1950, Johnny was listed in the airforce in Texas. Poor Johnny felt like nobody cared about him when he was younger. Johnny also felt like he had to follow his own path, and thats how he started to write his own music.

His Accomplishments

Johnny Cash´s accoplishments afected his music career. He made 32 songs, he was in 36 movies, and he won 26 awards. He also made an album in prison. The first song Johnny remembered singing was ¨I am Bound For The Promised Land¨. He also was sing and playing with Presley before he past away. In 1954, he was signed to the Sun records lable, that was also owned by Sam Philips.

How Johnny Changed Music Today

His music was recognized all around the world! Johnny was always wearing black durring his performences. Johnny´s all-black suits was a good-luck charm for him. Lots of people around the world were insperd by Johnny Cash, but one specific person really stood out there. Justin Timberlake was inspired by Johnny cash because of his music, ¨I am deeply sadened by the passing of Johnny Cash.¨ Almost everyone was so pained by the loss of music legend Johnny Cash, and Justin T. was one of them.