Want to Improve Your Memory

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Why You Forget Things!

There are many reasons why you forget things, but there are three main reasons.

  1. Decay- Memories just fade over time
  2. Repression- You deliberately block memories.
  3. Interference- Usually a traumatic experience or circumstance causes your brain to block them.

Other things may include; injury, stress, or drug use.

Do you ever struggle on tests when you know you know the information?

Ways To Help?

  • Attention: try to study somewhere you know you won't get distracted.
  • Study a little every night as opposed to cramming the night before.
  • Organize the information your learning. Being organized in general will also help you a lot.
  • Use mnemonic devices like rhymes or songs that will help you remember things.
  • Go deeper into parts of what you are suppose to remember and the extra knowledge might just help you remember.
  • Draw it out
  • Teach a friend and explaining it to them will help you to remember it.
  • Get some sleep!! Simple but it will really help