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1. ‘The inherent weaknesses of central planning fundamentally flawed the economic rationale of China’s First Five-Year Plan (1953-57).’ Discuss.

2. Analyse the economic rationale of the Great Leap Forward. To what extent were the policies of the Leap a continuation of the previous development strategy, as opposed to marking a break from that strategy?

3. ‘There was no such thing as a ‘Cultural Revolution economic policy’.’ Discuss. You can buy essay papers from us for a cheap price and our essay writing service is well-known throughout the world.


4. China’s approach to economic development since 1979 has been likened to ‘crossing the river by feeling for the stones’ [guo he shitou]. Explain this approach andanalyse its strengths AND weaknesses.

5. Analyse the origins and economic implications of (a) increasing urban unemployment; and (b) the existence of massive surplus labour in the countryside.

6. ‘A comparison of China’s agricultural development policies in the 1950s and in the 1980s shows that institutional change in farming is a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition of rapid and sustained growth of agricultural output.’


7. ‘Even allowing for improvements in material consumption, the persistence of poverty, widening inter-regional and inter-sectoral economic differentials and the increasingly unequal access to health and education are serious indictments of China’s post-1978 reform strategy.’

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8. Assess the contribution of (a) inward foreign direct investment AND (b) foreign trade to China’s economic development over the reform era.

9. ‘Despite all its problems, China’s banking sector has done a reasonably good job in terms of promoting economic development since the early 1980s.’


10. Analyse the long-term, developmental implications of the main economic policies adopted by the Chinese government following the outbreak of the East Asian financial and economic crisis in 1997-98. You can buy essay papers from us for a cheap price. Our essay writing service can answer all your questions.

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