All About Jenna!

Jenna Mckenzie Farley is the Name.

Just A Little About Me.

My name is Jenna McKenzie Farley. I am the only child. I attend NCHS. I am in the high school band, I play the trumpet. I have participated on the Swim Team. I also participate in Track and Field. I run the 400 m, 800 m, 4X8 , and the 4x4. This upcoming year will be my third year running track. I am involved in the African American Club, The HOSA Club, and The Drama Club. I Also involve myself in Pageants.....And last but not least... I am very involved in church. I am the youth teacher... and I attend church more than regularly.

My views on Science

Science is a very interesting thing in my eyes. Its never ending learning. There is always something to learn in Science. I like that Science challenges your knowledge and is just a very broad subject.

My Friends...

I have a very small circle of friends... we love each to each other all the time...spend all of our time together. We Just Love Each Other!