Physical Science Catapult

By Karina, Josue, Keevan, and Toby

Our Catapult Drawing

The Materials we used

- Normal-sized popsicle sticks

- Small and large rubber bands

- Hot glue

- Small nail

Problems We May Have Encountered

- The catapult not working

- The axis part not staying in place

- Having a hard time building the catapult

- Catapult breaking

- The holder not holding the ping pong ball

Energy Analysis

The catapult uses different types of energy. External force is applied to the lever and when it is being pulled back, it is transformed into kinetic energy. It’s also a form of potential energy. If the catapult were to creak then that would be sound energy. When the catapult is still, right before the launch it is potential energy, and as it releases it automatically changes into kinetic energy. Then the kinetic energy is transformed into gravitational potential energy as it flies up and then once it reaches its peak and is falling back down it is transformed back into kinetic energy.

toby video