A uncontrolled fire that often occurs in wild land areas .

The cause of the event

Mostly started by people but can occur from natrual causes.

Impact on environment negative and positive results

  • helps the tree growth
  • puts nutrients in the soil
  • destroys nature

Impact on humans

can destroy homes and agriculture , can kill humans , can kill the plants which would decrease our oxogen

How to stay safe and protected

  • if you need to evacuate then do so immediately
  • wear protective clothing
  • lock your home
  • if you leave then call and tell someone where you are going
  • choose a safe route away from the fire,watch for changes in speed and wind.

Common locations of the fires

a wildfire can occur anywhere , but it mostly occurs in forested and vegetated areas.

Interesting facts

  • Firefighters also refer to these disasters as surface fires, dependent crown fires, spot fires, and ground fires.
  • 90% of all wildfires are started by humans
  • An average of 1.2 million acres of US woodland burn every year.
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