How Can I Help You?

Information about the School Counseling Program for Faculty

How do I make a referral for counseling?

Faculty and Staff can refer students for individual or group counseling anytime by email or just mentioning the concern to the school counselor. There is no form or specific protocol because I want things to be easiest for you! If you are concerned about a student and think I may be able to help, please let me know!

Students can self refer for counseling using the school counselor mailbox in the Media Center. Students have a form to use for self referrals, but I also accept any other form of note. I just tell students to remember to put their name on any notes they are sending to me! I will place a few student self referral notes in your box this week, please choose a designated spot in your classroom for these notes and show students where they are. Last year many teachers chose to put the notes on the back of their door with a magnet!

Parents can contact me by email or phone message with concerns. Please feel free to give out my email to parents or they can leave me a phone message by calling the main office.

What is this Lanyard or stuffed animal in my mailbox?

Group and individual counseling have begun and will pick up in the coming weeks. If you find a lanyard or stuffed animal in your mailbox, this means that one of your students is scheduled for group or individual counseling that day. These items are meant to be given to the student so that they can take responsibility for remembering to come for their counseling time, although I do understand that sometimes these may need to be taken away if students fidget with them.

On the lanyard or in the stuffed animals pouch, you will find specific information about which student I need to see, what time, and where they need to go. If there is a conflict, please email me that morning if you are able. I certainly do not want to take students out of important instruction and will avoid doing so in non emergency situations. Group counseling will be conducted during lunch time, and students should report with their lunch box or plate from the cafeteria.

Character Counts Certificates for students

Each Month, I will ask you to recommend one of your students to receive a certificate in honor of a special character trait that they excel at. I will send out a short google form for you to fill out that will be used to create the students certificate. The certificates will be printed and placed in your box for you to present to the student. Some teachers choose to use the certificate presentation as an opportunity to highlight student strengths and encourage other students to model the same behaviors. This year I will have a shared google sheet so that you can go back and check who in your class has already received a certificate.

Faculty and staff members who do not have a homeroom class are welcome to fill out the google form as well to honor a student of your choice with good character!

Character Education Class topics for August and September

My goal for this school year is to keep teachers updated on the lesson topics being covered in character education, so that you can reinforce the lessons in your classrooms in whatever way you would like. We are really all character ed. teachers during the day to day interactions with students, and I hope my lessons can support the efforts you are already making in your classroom.

During August and September, all students will be introduced to the role of the school counselor and learn how to use the student self referral system. In addition to this, students are learning about mindfulness and how we can use mindfulness activities like we practice in class to train our brains to think about one thing at a time so that we can focus on the present (aka listen and focus during class!). Student will also be introduced to coping skills at the end of September!

Stop by and say hi :)

If you need to speak with me and prefer not to use email, I am usually in my office(the PE office) in the mornings from 7 to 7:25 and after school until 3:30(if there is no meeting). If you can't find me, email me and I'll come find you!