The Smiths

A short film based on the Realist movement aspects


The Smiths is a project for a school work at Colegio Marista de Brasilia- Ensino Médio. The purpose of this short film is to explore aspects related to the Realist movement, which happened in the last decades of the XIX century. The school subjects involved were English and Performing Arts. We hope you enjoy!

The full film is already available for your enjoyment.

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The Smiths are an ordinary family whose kids (Kate, Lauren, Charlie, Jane, Sam and Mary) are unhappy with their parents (Martha and Walter) marriage, and so, they try to make the most unusual plans to break them up. However, like many things in life, their plans have everything to go wrong.

Trailer - The Smiths (short movie)
Watch it in HD! (Subtitles available)


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The Smiths - short movie
HD and subtitles availabe


Listen to the songs of the short film The Smiths!

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Beck- Where It's At

Supergrass- Alright

Auro Magazek- EBow

Bach- Cello Suite No.1 Prelude (Yo-Yo Ma)


Bloopers from the short film The Smiths
Watch it on HD (subtitles will soon be available)


Isadora Vargas, Kalil Daoud, Lucas Campos, Maria Luiza Munhoz, Mariana Sidrim, Marina Lobo, Mayara Muniz and Melissa Panhol.

Class: 2ºE


A special thanks to

Guilherme Abdalla for helping on the production (even if it meant arriving late at his brother's birthday),

José Guilherme Vasconcelos for helping on the production and giving moral support during the filming,

And also, to Matheus Costa, for almost being part of it.

Smore by: Melissa Panhol