Mashburn Minute

Mashburn Elementary Nov 13, 2015

Thank you Jeremy and Molly!!!

The Veteran's Assembly was RIDICULOUSLY amazing!! Your work and dedication to making this day was evident. You made us proud!!!!

Thank you Kim Hobbs!!!

For going above and beyond with the book fair!!!!! We could not have pulled it off without our volunteers and YOU!!!!!

From the amazing Traci Wallace.....

This summer I stumbled across Carol Dweck’s idea of the Growth Mindset. It’s a simple idea. People aren’t born smart. Anyone can develop their intelligence or talent through hard work, so students who work harder get smarter. I wasn’t completely sold on this idea until I learned the Dr. Dweck (a Stanford University professor of Psychology) conducted years of research that shows that students who embrace challenges outperform students who give up because the work is "too hard". Attached is a short video designed for students. It explains the Growth Mindset, how it can be used to improve math skills, and offers scientific research to support their theory. Highlight from the clip: Taxi drivers in London have to study two to four years in order to pass a test required by their profession. During the years they studied, scientist found out that a part of their brain actually grew. Imagine the impact we can have on our students if we continue to offer them new challenges. Watch this quick video below...

This month is LIVE TO GIVE!!!

One of my favorite parts of Live to Give is Leaving a Legacy!!! To me this goes along with my WHY! Professionally i want my legacy to be that I helped students, teachers and families be the BEST they can be! As a mom, I want my girls to feel loved, be happy and to know how much they were loved. Have you thought about your legacy? What are you doing that impacts it today? what do you need to change in order to refocus on your legacy? I would LOVE to hear how I can support you in this amazing journey!!!


Nov 13th - School Spelling Bee

Nov 16th - Leadership Learning,

Nov 17th - ESOL parent night,

Nov 18th - LSC meeting, Chili's Spirit Night

Nov 19th - Soup and Chili Potluck, STEAM day, International Night

Nov 20th - K field trip

Nov 23rd - Thanksgiving Break - all week. The school will be closed all week, enjoy this time with your family!

Nov 30th - PTA Santa Workshop begins

Dec 1st - Leadership Data Dig 7:30,

Dec 2nd- fire drill

Dec 4th - Northside Tree Lighting and Chorus singing

Dec 5th - Mashburn Holiday Party

Dec 7th- Tammi Bramblett here for Principal for a Day!, blue bear awards,

The 12 Days of Christmas are coming!!!!!

Stay tuned for more details!!!!! It's going to be super awesome!!!!!

PBTL for next semester.... Sessions are 1/26 and 3/15... please let me know if you are interested!

here is what your colleagues are saying about Performance Based Teaching and Learning..

The Performance Based Teaching and Learning training has taught me the importance of providing my students the opportunity to apply what they know. In doing so, they should be given learning targets so they know why they are doing the task and specific criteria so that they know what is expected of them.

The PBTL training was awesome! The presenter was very clear and precise in her explanations and we had a chance to collaborate with teachers from other schools to design a product that we could use in our classroom for assessment. We learned that performance based assessments integrate the student’s knowledge, skills and understandings in a specific measurable activity which promotes student self-assessment and engagement while meeting specific criteria.