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Week of April 26th-30th

Week of April 26th-30th

Monday, April 26th

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Tuesday, April 27th

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Wednesday, April 28th

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Thursday, April 29th

Friday, April 30th

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Four Ballots + One Priority = MISD Students

2021 MISD Election - FACT or FICTION

2021 Election "FACT or FICTION"

In 2019, the Texas Legislature passed legislation requiring the ballots for all school bond elections to include a sentence that states, “THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE,” even if no actual tax rate increase will occur.


McKinney ISD will be lowering the total tax rate by 3 cents, approximately $112 per year for homeowners. But, new legislation requires the ballot language to state, “THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.” It’s dumb, we know.

If the Attendance Credit Election fails, McKinney ISD will lose nearly $3 billion of its property value.


The state will detach approximately $2.9 billion of MISD’s total property value in what is called detachment of territory. This property value will then be dispersed to other districts in the state.

The McKinney ISD school bond will only impact a few campuses in the district.


The bond will renovate 10 campuses but will also fund safety and security, technology, fine arts, athletics, playgrounds and transportation throughout McKinney ISD. Every campus in the district will be impacted by the bond.

McKinney ISD has received national and state recognition for financial management and financial transparency.


McKinney ISD earned the state’s highest financial rating for the 18th consecutive year by the Texas Education Agency. MISD has also earned recognition from the Texas Comptroller for financial transparency. The district has a tradition of being fiscally conservative, resulting in a AA+ bond rating by Standard and Poor’s and an Aa1 bond rating by Moody’s The district consistently spends more in the classroom and less on administrative costs than both the region and state.

The majority of the bond is going to HVAC updates at every campus, which could be paid for out of the maintenance and operations fund.


The majority of the bond will go towards complete campus renovations at 10 campuses, which are slated for renovation as part of the district’s long-range facilities plan to ensure that campuses are well maintained for students and teachers. Schools are on a 15-year renovation cycle to ensure that they do not fall into disrepair. The renovations include energy efficient lighting, paint, flooring, heating and air conditioning updates, safety and security, lock-down buttons and cameras, technology, student desks and furniture, and more. Each campus renovation is slightly different depending upon the age of the facility and condition.

In the same way that homeowner’s borrow funds for a mortgage, school districts borrow funds to pay for major capital expenditures like renovations and new construction. Approximately 80% of school district budgets go toward salaries and benefits for teachers and support staff, so it’s not possible for districts to fund all of these projects from the maintenance and operations budget. That would be like someone saying, “Just pay all of your mortgage off at once out of your checking account.” It is important to note that McKinney ISD saves millions of dollars in interest by using 20-year bonds as opposed to 30-year bonds that most school districts use.

The Technology Bond will allow McKinney ISD to continue the 1:World laptop initiative for all students and will also help fund computers for CTE and STEM programs.


The Technology Bond will enable the district to continue the laptop initiative and provide technology to all students in McKinney ISD. McKinney ISD does not have the funds in the maintenance and operations budget to fund all technology needs and, therefore, the district would use short-term bonds (5 years) to purchase additional computers for students and campuses.

The Voter Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE) will provide additional funds to maintain smaller class sizes, help fund many district programs (GT, CTE, STEM, fine arts, athletics, etc.) and recruit and retain teachers and staff.


The Voter Approval Tax Rate Election will provide additional funding for the district’s maintenance and operations budget, which was recently limited for school districts by legislation in House Bill 3. The additional VATRE funding will be used to avoid increasing class sizes, fund district programs, and to help recruit and retain quality teachers and staff.

My tax bill has gone up because the McKinney ISD tax rate keeps going up.


Property taxes have gone up in McKinney, Collin County, and across the state due to rising home values, not because the McKinney ISD tax rate has gone up. In fact, the McKinney ISD tax rate has continually decreased since 2013, and will continue to decrease with the four ballot items in this election.Click here to learn more.

The new elementary school is going to cost over $500 per square foot.


This was a rumor that was completely fabricated. In fact, nobody even knows how this number was derived. The new elementary school in Trinity Falls will be approximately 105,000 square feet and will cost approximately $333 per square foot. This includes all construction costs, technology infrastructure, safety and security, architectural fees, engineering fees, geotechnical fees, utilities, furniture, fixtures, equipment and more. Schools are more expensive to build than a house because they serve hundreds of students for many decades, and include classrooms, a cafeteria, a gym, student health, safety and security, technology, playgrounds and classroom equipment for students. The new elementary in Trinity Falls will alleviate overcrowding at Press Elementary School and provide space for the significant enrollment growth in the northern sector of the district.

McKinney ISD

Communications Department

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Kindergarten Registration 21-22

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Pre-K Registration for Lawson Early Childhood School - McKinney ISD

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Head Start at Lawson Early Childhood School - McKinney ISD

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Head Start is Accepting Applications - McKinney ISD

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Important Reminders From Our Nurse

As we continue our school year in 2021 please keep in mind our COVID-19 guidelines. I appreciate everything you do to keep our students healthy!

Please screen your student daily, prior to arriving on campus, for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 including:

Feeling Feverish or Fever (100.0 or greater)

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Fatigue (Excessively tired)

Significant muscle or body aches


Loss of taste or smell

Sore throat


If your student has a COVID-19 test or has symptoms of COVID or has contact with someone who has tested positive please keep them at home and contact Nurse Megan.

Just a reminder that responses to emails send after school hours may not be returned until the next school day. The process to switch a student into virtual learning for an extended absence is a process that may take up to a day to complete.

Please report your student’s absence to Nurse Megan at 469-302-9445 or

Friendly Attendance Reminders

Parents can email absence notes directly to

Attendance is taken daily at 8:15am. Students can be counted tardy up until 9:15am.

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McClure 2020-2021 Student Handbook

Please use the button below to access the student handbook and review. The final page of the handbook should be completed and returned to your child's teacher by Thursday, Sept. 3rd if you are returning to "in-person" instruction. For convenience, or if you chose for your child to learn virtually, there is a digital signature option.

Tech Support...

Parents and students, visit the new Help Desk site for answers to help you with the most frequently asked laptop questions: Zoom, Login/Password Issues, Hardware/Software questions, Printers, Proxy and FAQs.

Free & Reduced Lunch Applications

Free & Reduced Lunch Applications

To enable social distancing and an easier experience for the parents, we recommend that parents use the online application option, which is open at The online application is also usually quicker to process.

PTO Membership Information

McClure PTO is a group of parents (moms and dads) working in partnership with school staff to help keep families informed and involved.

Studies have shown students do better in school when parents are engaged at school.

For more information about the McClure PTO please click the button below.

McClure Dad's Club

The McClure Dads Organization is a group of Dads that support many School and PTO functions, as well as several specific functions hosted by the Dads.

Our Mission Statement is to inspire children by being present, setting a positive example, and being supportive of education.

For more information about McClure Dads email us at or look us up on Facebook @ McClure Dads

Daily Schedule

Doors are open daily at 7:15AM (North Entrance Carpool Drop Off)

Breakfast is served at 7:30AM - 7:50AM

Tardy bell rings at 8:00AM and morning announcements begin

Dismissal bell rings at 3:07PM

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