Interesting Facts About Nails

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Are Fake Nails Heathly?

Acrylic nails are notoriously unhealthy and include such offenders as resins and formaldehyde, which have been shown to cause cancer. Exposure to these chemicals through your nails over a long period of time can result in complete nail loss by destruction of the nail matrix.

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The Affect of Acrylic Nails

Above is a picture showing the affect acrylic nails have on real nails after long periods of time. You can see how unhealthy that is.
Amazing Facts about Nails
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Is Nail Polish Heathly?

The answer would be no. Nail polish is actually very unhealthy because the ingredients and toxins are harmful to the human system. In nail polish, there are 3 main ingredients used: toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde. The toluene has been researched and found that it can irritate your eyes, throat and lungs, damage your nervous system, and harm an unborn child. The toxins let off can cause birth defects, Asthma, and other illnesses. One girl claimed that nail polish would cause her nose bleeds. But the good thing is, companies have started to make non-toxic nail polish.

3 products to use on your nails

How Should You Handle Your Cuticles?

1. Don't cut or manipulate cuticles.
Why? Because they protect your nails from bacteria.
2. Use nail hardeners sparingly- or not at all.
Why? Because they haven't been been clinically studied and they probably are not good for your nails.
3. Moisturize the nail bed and cuticle.
Why? Because it reduces the possibility of your nails breaking, cracking, or spliting.

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How To Prevent Yellow Nails

Why do nails yellow? Because when you paint them, you are depriving your nails of oxygen that they need to maintain a neutral color.
How can you prevent nails from yellowing? One solution is waiting a couple of days before painting your nails again. But, there's also another solution that most people don't know about. Mix the juice from half a lemon with 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then, dip your nails in the mixture. After that, you can use a toothbrush to gently buff your nails. Voila!

Some Jobs That Are Related to This Topic

1. A Beautician- You work in salons and will get paid to do people's nails.
2. Working In A Nail Polish Company- You could help create cool nail polish colors.
3. Nail Polish Model- You could wear and model nail polish to help sell it.
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Nail Polish in the making!

Nail polish is created by combining nitrocellulose and plasticizers with color pigments. The mixing is done in a "two-roll" differential speed mill, which grinds the pigment between a pair of rollers that are able to work with increasing speed as the pigment is ground down. The goal is to produce fine dispersion of the color.