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This weeks focus is on effective feedback in lessons to help progress students and to ease the marking in lessons.


Using Critique

There are lots of simple ways to give constructive feedback but are our students trained up on doing this. What rules do we use with them to ensure when they peer assess it is beneficial to progress?

Below is a great post from David Fawcett looking at this

Digital Innovation

Innovation at CAB

Links to excellent uses of technology in your classroom

How can technology help?

Technology can really free up time in giving feedback to students.

Below are a couple of simple tools to help with the process.

First is a tool for recording the verbal feedback you give. The second is looking at putting the feedback in the cloud for students to review.

Other great links

As always here are some other really great blog posts to read to inspire your teaching.


Last week I attended a teachmeet in Clevedon. Here is a great session to share with you all.