Wanted: Paramecium Aurelia

Wanted for eating other organisms and spreading diseases.

More About The Paramecium Aurelia

Paramecium Aurelia are unicellular organisms. They are covered in cilia which help in movement and feeding.

What they eat, Where they live

The Paramecium Aurelia eat things such as Bacteria, yeast, algae. They eat up to 5,000 Bacteria a day.

Habitat freshwater, streams, lakes, rivers, (usually these waters are warm it makes for better food.)

Diseases The Paramecium Aurelia Can Cause

Diseases the Paramecium Aurelia can cause include Goiter in areas where the soil and water do not have enough iodine, also the Paramecium Aurelia can cause Rickets and BeriBeri.

Characteristics of the Paramecium Aurelia

The Paramecium Aurelia are Unicellular, Multinucleated- more than one nucleus per cell, Avoidance- is good at avoiding predators, etc, Behavior, Cillia small hair like structures used for movement.

The Paramecium Aurelia's Kingdom,etc




There are many different species of Paramecium.



If you arrest this suspect you will be rewarded $6,000,000 in cash and 500 dollars in advance.

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About Reproduction

If more are reproduced capture them to. The Paramecium Aurelia can reproduce sexually, asexually, or by the process of endomixis.