Lori Walker

K-8 Certified Teacher For Hire


I am a dedicated teacher eager to continue developing a successful teaching career. I have a proven track record of commended performance and a passion for education with a commitment to optimizing student and school success.  I am a strong educator of Language Arts curriculum with English as a Second Language certification.

How I maintain good parent communication

Communicating with parents is essential to the overall success of a student’s academic performance. It is important that teachers present consistent communication and create a welcoming environment where parents feel comfortable asking questions or addressing a concern.  I send weekly emails to parents about topics we are studying in class and provide links to useful information to enhance student learning at home.  I also like to send “Good News from School” notes that highlight individual student success to open the line of communication.

Reasons to Hire Me!

I am an experienced K-8 Certified Teacher. I am familiar with FISD as I have substitute teaching in the district for the 2012-2013school years. I have an ESL certification. I have a variety of teaching experiences working with children and adults. I will bring a unique perspective to the faculty at your school. I relate well to 4th or 5th grade students. I am a strong math and science teacher. I love teaching.  

Contact Me

*complete resume available upon request