Lets end it!

What Is Cyber Bullying And How We Can Stop It

cyber bullying is where people will bully other people off the internet or anything electronic device; from embarrassing photos to awful videos of someone and humiliating them. cyber bullying is the most common form of bullying. we can stop this by coming together as a community and inspire the world and people not to bully

Why This Is a Problem

cyber bullying is a world wide problem. This is because people get bullied over the Internet and people will never be the same person they where before. This is because people get embarrassed and dont ever want to go out because they will constantly be made fun of. People shouldnt be treated badley and exposed especially over the internet


Ways To Stop Cyber Bullying

We Need To Come Together

we can stop cyber bullying by making smores and flyers, showing videos to people on what it does to others, host meetings and assemblys, and arrest those who cyber bully

Its Not Right!