Google Classroom

Our Classroom has just upgraded to Google Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

Each child has access to a chromebook in the classroom. We are now using Google Classroom, Google Docs, etc for assignments and activities.

Procedures in the Classroom

1. Each student will be working on the assignment in Google Classroom when the bell rings. This assignment should be turned in within the first 5 minutes of class.

2. If it is not turned in you will receive a zero. After 3 zeroes you will have a conference with the teacher.

3. After completing the bell work they should open up the Daily Objective file. Then they will talk to their partner about what is expected for the day.

4. Students will then individually create a KWL in Google Docs for the day.

5. Depending on the lesson for the day students will direct their attention to the open/close sign and follow accordingly.

6. All assignments that require sources should be limited to the sources provided by the instructor on Symbaloo.

7. For the last 10 minutes of class students should discuss what they learned with their partner and fill in their KWL on Google Drive.

8. Any extra time at the end of the lesson can be used to start on homework.

Procedures for Turning in Homework

1. All homework will be turned in on Google Classroom, unless instructed otherwise.

2. If students have trouble doing the assignment on Google Classroom they may create a hard copy or come in before and after school to complete it.

3. Each assignment should have the appropriate heading. (refer to classroom website for examples)