Quarter 4 Week 1

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Muscle Madness

Muscle Madness

Without muscles, we'd be nothing but skin and bones.

Our bodies would be useless without muscles. Locomotion is governed by muscular force. In fact, muscles are responsible for all of our movements, whether we can see them or not. Even our internal organs move according to muscles: from the pushing of food through the digestive system, to the heart's constant beating, to the uterus contracting to deliver a baby.

Since muscles are such an important part of our bodies and are a primary focus when it comes to exercising, it is worth the time to study them in detail. We will discuss specific muscle types and their functions, as well as focus on the importance of strength training, why it is beneficial to our bodies, and how to do it safely and effectively.

Muscles questions

Assignment # 1

1. Why are muscles so important ?

2. Do a google search and indicate the role strength training plays in muscle development

vocab- identify

Key Terms: Muscle Madness

anaerobic metabolism


deep muscles

fast-twitch fibers

involuntary muscles

lactic acid


slow-twitch fibers

strength training

superficial muscles

voluntary muscles

strength training

Strength Training

Forty years ago, no one lifted weights except body builders, Olympic strong men, and football players. Then, researchers began to discover that people who trained with weights didn't necessarily look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only that, but they were fitter, leaner, and often had better cardiovascular system health than runners and other aerobic exercisers.

Researchers have found that even elderly people can benefit from strength training. In fact, many exercise scientists believe that in old age, resistance training is more important to health than strenuous aerobic exercise.

Also known as weight training or resistance training, strength training is a form of exercise that uses free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or the weight of the body to put stress on the muscles, in order to increase muscle strength, tone, and size.

We will use the term strength training from here on out because it most accurately describes the purpose and results of this kind of exercise. No matter which equipment you choose to use while strength training, you are adding stress to your muscles, which makes them stronger.

strength training questions

4.1.3 Practice: Strength Training

Practice Assignment

Physical Education Core (S3207165)

Name: ____________________

Points possible: 30

Date: ____________

Answer the following questions based on what you have learned about strength training.

1. Give three reasons why it is beneficial to add strength training exercises to your workout. (5 points)

2. Name three rules of safety when it comes to strength training. (5 points)

3. Design a strength training program that you can add to your workout. Include six exercises that target all major muscles groups of the body. Briefly describe how to do each exercise, and identify what muscle group it focuses on. (20 points)