by: Ashton Mitchell


Bullying is a rough and a difficult time to go through. It is hard to tell someone what has happened to you or it might be embarrassing to tell an adult or even your parents. Everyone is afraid to tell someone how the feel after they are hurt or bullied.

Why Would Someone Bully a Friend?

They would bully each other because the feel alone or suffer from low self-esteem. That is the most common reason that someone would bully a friend. But bullies don't always pick on their friends though.

STOP BULLYING! a short Film

What You Should Do If You See Somebody Getting Bullied?

Nobody sticks up for others who are bullied or who have been. It is not to late to change that. When you see someone get bullied, go run and tell at trusted adult. They will stop the fight as quickly as they can.

Do Girls Bully More Than Boys Do?

Girls bully in groups and gossip about one another. Boys on the other hand either cause physical damage or can cause verbal damage. The victim can be hurt for even 40 years later.
Bullying - Stop It

What are all the Types of Bullying?

There are four main types of bullying, they are called being a physical bully, and being an emotional bully, and also being a verbal bully. Being a bully is never a good thing to be. It is never too late to change what you have done to somebody or something, but from now on think about your choices before you do it.