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November 2018

I don't know about you, but for me November is always a reminder of the blessings in my life. Reflecting on people and things that I am grateful for. We talk a lot with our students all year long about "the ripple effect". In essence, how what we do, say, etc. creates a ripple that effects change infinitely. It's as deep as you want to take it, but I love the conversations that I have with our kids about what they do and say makes a difference. Their words and actions have power. We have some pretty amazing kids (and adults) that really get this. I am on a mission to record as many kids as I can with their "gratitudes" this month. Be on the look out...

( if you haven't ever seen "Kids say the Darndest Things" - check it out. They always end up cracking me up! )

To start this month off ...

1) I am grateful for a daily reminder of why I became an educator--- (our kids)
2) I am grateful for a family that understands and supports my passion--- (Education)

News to share....

Weather Calls- I know you might be thinking it's a little early- but 5 years ago I made a "no school" call on November 17th- and I've become accustomed to "anything is possible with KY weather!". When the district makes a decision to call a delayed start or cancel school due to weather it will be broadcasted on the district FB page, New Haven's FB page, our school remind, and I will be sending out an ALL CALL. If you have "opted out" to receive phone calls you WILL NOT receive this call from us. If you have changed your number and not updated the school, you WILL NOT receive a call from us.

If we have a 1 hour delay- school doors will not open until 9:00 am (school will begin at 9:40 am) and with a 2 hour delay- doors will open at 10:00 am (school will begin at 10:40 am). During delays, our staff is on a delay as well, and we do not have personnel to monitor students. PLEASE do not drop your child off at the doors and leave.

If there is a 2 hour delay there is no AM pre-school or kindergarten.

If the district makes the decision for an early release because of forecasted weather we will send out an ALL CALL, and our students will be sent home in the manner you choose on the 'Inclement Weather' form sent home in the beginning of the school year. If you don't remember what you indicated or situations have changed please contact your child's teacher as soon as possible.

Safety Audit- Thank you so much for those parents that were willing to come in on October 16th and be interviewed by KCSS (Kentucky Center for School Safety). The verbal debriefing I received was glowing, and they had very minor recommendations. We should be getting the full report back by the end of the month, and I will share that in our next newsletter. In all, the report will include- Interview responses (from 22 staff members, 10 parents, and 78 students), online survey results (600 results), and an on-site building inspection all focusing on safety and security.

Cafeteria Policy reminder- We've had a lot of lunch visitors this year, and we need to remind all visitors that outside food (fast food) cannot be brought in. Treats / snacks cannot be shared with others in the cafeteria because of allergy restrictions. It is not that the gesture is not appreciated, but we have MANY students that have specific food restrictions that we must monitor. Please understand that it is about making sure no one gets sick or has an allergic reaction. Students also cannot have soda for lunch. We are given specific health and nutritional guidelines to that we must follow. Thank you for your understanding.

Family Resource Center- Our FRC will be operational beginning January 2019. After meeting with District personnel this month, we will be posting the job description and begin the interview process. I'm beyond excited to welcome a coordinator in to work collaboratively with in programming for our community.

5th grade Night of Gratitude- This will be the 3rd year for this amazing event. (Talk about "ripple effects"- ) Sometimes we don't always know or get acknowledged (especially as parents!) for the support we give to our kids. This event changes all of that! For the last couple of months Mrs. Mason has been talking with our kids about gratitude, and this night is the celebration of that. The school will be set up for a gallery walk, showing off student art and writing in celebration for a select person that they are honoring. It's a moving event! Hope to see you there! (November 14th from 6:00 to 7:00)

Flag dedication- Last year our student council held a school wide contest to design New Haven's very own school flag. It came down to a tie, so our two winners collaborated on a design. Blake Middlesworth and Mallory Rider will be acknowledged at our November PTA general meeting on their design and our flag will finally be ready to display outside. We are thrilled with their creative genius and are excited to let it fly!

Celebrating Great Things!

Fall Festival- This year's FF was many, many things... Amazing, Packed, and full of FUN! Thank you so much for those that pitched in to help and those that attended! It definitely did not disappoint! The funds raised from this event are helping to pay for assemblies and events for our 950+ kids!

Holiday Shop- It's hard to believe but Christmas is literally right around the corner! Our holiday shop will be set up for our kids on November 27th - 30th to shop at. We need volunteers to help our students (especially our little people) shop and pick things out within their budgets. If you have any time available this week, we would LOVE to see you at New Haven. If you have some time (between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm) please use the PTA link or email Brooke Metzger @

New Haven PTA

Veteran's Celebration- This year we will be honoring our veterans on Friday, November 9, and we will follow the same schedule as we have in the past. Veteran’s will arrive by 9:30 am. We will go out to the flag and say the pledge, then we will go to the gym and start the ceremony at about 10:00. The ceremony will last for about 30 minutes and will be coffee and donuts immediately following in the gym. A RSVP form was sent home with all students, and a copy of it can be found on our website, in addition to being attached below.

TIGER SPIRIT WEAR- Our PTA has just hit it out of the park with their designs this year- We have a winter spirit wear link below. IN ADDITION- they have added GRAY spirit wear for those 5th grade parents that may want to add something under the tree. The link can be found on the PTA's webpage, but I've included it below as well. I can't wait to wear my Tiger ear muffs!


Upcoming events @ New Haven

No school
9th- Veterans Celebration
14th- 5th grade Gratitude Night (6-7)
15th- Student Assembly (CAT's Ambassadors- Cincinnati Zoo)
16th- Popcorn Friday
21st - 23rd- No School (Thanksgiving break)
27th- 30th - Holiday Shop
27th- PTA General Meeting- Reflections celebration, Student Council dedication 6:30 pm

3rd- 14th (Mid year Benchmark window for Reading and Math- all students)
17th- Santa stops by for a visit!
20th- Jan. 2nd- Winter Break! (no school)

3rd- Welcome back.... 2019!
21st- MLK Jr. Day- No school

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