Radiography Technician

Job Description/Pay

A Radiographer, also called a Radiography Technician, works directly with patients as part of a healthcare team to assist in diagnosing and treating a variety of ailments from broken bones to cancer. Radiographers take x-rays and use radiation therapy to treat patients' cancerous tumors. Other duties of a Radiographer are to update patients' charts, maintain equipment in the radiology lab, and follow closely all of the safety precautions necessary to the job. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median annual income for Radiography Technicians at $54,340 in 2010.


The most common degree completed by those seeking a career in Radiography is a 2-year associate's degree in radiation science. Coursework will include topics such as anatomy, biology and medical record keeping. Licensure laws vary by state, but most states require a board exam to be passed before a Radiography Technician can be licensed to practice.

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