Food People Eat in Columbia

Connor Spencer- Period 6


Colombian empanadas are filled with beef, chicken, and/or cheese in addition to rice and coriander. I would prefer this over ants, just saying!


There are many different types of fruit. If I were to name all of them, we would be here until April break was over. Some examples are lulo, curuba, mamoncillo, uchuva, chontaduro, borojó, zapote, anon, carambolo, and corozo, and then some. Enjoy!


Typical of the Tolima area, lechoma is a whole roasted pig, stuffed with rice, yellow peas, green onions and spices which is cooked for ten hours in a clay oven. ¡Disfruta de comer lechoma! (Enjoy eating lechoma!)

And on The Rare Day...


Okay, ants are not a staple or the Colombian diet, but they eat them on special occasions. During the summer, ants are harvested and the legs and wings are removed from the queen ants.

Additional Food Eaten in Colombia

  1. arepa (a bread)
  2. arroz con coco (rice cooked in coconut milk)
  3. quesillo (double cream cheese wrapped in banana leaves)
  4. tamales (see picture of tamales colombianos to right)