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Join a special AIMM Collaborative (AIMMc) cohort of AACP-convened teams.

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy is partnering with the Alliance for Integrated Medication Management (AIMM) to position Academic pharmacy as a driving force leading development of medication management services across coordinated health care delivery systems.

The AIMM Collaborative (AIMMc), a powerful learning and action network, is a proven catalyst for system transformations - AIMMc navigates teams through an accelerated quality improvement process to integrate comprehensive medication management services into a coordinated health care delivery system, focusing on high-risk, high cost, medically complex patients. This national collaborative originated from support of federal agencies (HRSA and CMS) and is now led by AIMM.

Participation in AIMMc strengthens opportunities to:

  • Lead with the practice community to redefine and transform patient care, reach the next level of coordinated health care, and integrate medication management services in interprofessional health care teams.

  • Disseminate best practices in clinical service development and the impact of academic practitioners on the improvement of the health of patients served.

  • Partner with practice sites to enhance capacity for training on evidence-based quality improvement strategies, and expose students to collaborative learning, identifying best practices and rapidly testing innovations for change.

AIMMc Informational Webinar (Audio Recording)

  • Introduces AIMMc and how it is a strategy to develop academic and practice partnerships.
  • Demonstrates how AIMMc aligns with the needs of schools of pharmacy.
  • Illustrates how AIMMc is a catalyst in the partnership between schools of pharmacy and community practice.

Alliance for Integrated Medication Management

A non-profit organization working to support wide-spread adoption of team-based medication management services into the care of high-risk, high-cost patients suffering from multiple chronic health conditions.

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