Samurai & Bushido

By: Derrick Moga


The Samurai were a military force and a new class of military servants whose purpose was to protect the security and they had fought on horseback, had a helmet and armor and carried a sword and a bow. Bushido was a strict warrior code that the Samurai had to follow.


It changed the way how boys and men had grown up since they had to follow 5 rules for their life and when to do it and how to do it.

Diary Entry

Dear diary,

My experience of being a samurai is not going well as I thought it would, I have to follow these 5 rules and I am not liking them one bit because I have to follow them and I can't break them. My role is like the others, being a soldier and fighting for my country. I became a Samurai because it seemed like an honor to fight for your country. After a while though, I will get used to these rules.