Grade Level Meeting: Recap 3/19/15

5th Grade

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for your flexibility, effort and commitment for the implementation of the Skill Based Centers! It has been a great success!

In only 6 weeks, 82 out of 101 students grew at least 1 level!!! That's 81% of our scholars!!!

Before the SBC there were 20 students at a 5th grade level, and now there are 65! Way to go, fifth grade!!!

Skill Based Centers

What worked:

  • Students like to use them, they are engaged
  • Students are motivated to use them, along with SuperSpeed Math
  • Rotation with centers
  • Students keep each other accountable
  • 5D did the SBC during breakfast, 5E during center time
  • Paired up higher performing scholars with lower performing scholars to help each other

Next steps & improvements:

Close gap earlier by:

  • Begin next school year with administering the screeners for multiplication, division, and decimals, plus the Diagnostic Test
  • Timer for the students
  • Continuing levels with problem solving

Next steps starting after STAAR:

  • Use flashcards or cut the screener for students to quiz each other every other Friday. This will be a progress monitoring for students to move between levels faster.
  • Third Friday (6th week) administer screener in small groups.

In the links below you can find the Manual for the Skill Based Centers, as well as the activities related to the Multiplication SBC: