Educators Guide for Copyright

An easy to read way to be informed.

Just because it is on the web does not mean it is free!

Important Terms:

Copyright: A legal concept. This allows creators right to their original work. This can be distributed but the creator still owns the work.

Fair Use: An act that permits limited use of copyrighted materials, without the permission of the owners.

Creative Commons: This is a nonprofit organization that allows sharing and use of materials through free legal tools.

What kinds of things are usually violated?

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Quotes and texts
  • Student activites
Creative commons is an organization that helps people to understand and how to share their work across the world. Whenever something is created, whether it is an image, text, or music, if it is published under a creative commons license, then it can be free to use depending on the type of license it was created under! Using material under creative commons makes it easier to have a public sharing of information.
Creative Commons Kiwi

You Caught Me...

· Check all your blogs and classroom websites for violations first! Then remove any violations. It is better to find your own mistakes before anyone else!

· The law requires copyright holders to give you a notice if you have violated copyright. You should take this serious and act quickly! Remove the violation and that should be the end of it!