We've worked hard & had some fun...

read all about the things we've done! 12/8/14


As mentioned in my last newsletter, we did not have a spelling test last week. On Friday, your child brought home our review list which covers the last several patterns we have focused on. Since it is a review of previously practiced spelling patterns, we will complete the multiple choice test this Thursday! Your child will also bring home his/her new word list on Thursday, since there is no school on Friday.


Our work as scientific writers continues! Last week, we continued conducting our experiments and writing our question, hypothesis, detailed plan/procedure, results, and conclusion. Towards the end of the week, we began comparing our results with those of our classmates & discussing WHY our results may have differed.

On Friday, we took a break from our lab reports and completed a Field Trip Wrap Up form. These will be sent home after Miss Canene has a chance to see them!

Reading & Language Arts Skills

While we have been wrapping up our work with visualizing, but will continue to apply this strategy when reading, we have now shifted our focus to comparing & contrasting. We compare & contrast all the time in second grade, not just when reading, but this is a big area of focus for second grade language arts!


In math, we worked with even & odd numbers. Second graders are expected to be able to identify numbers 1-20 as either even or odd. Of course, once we understand the concept & recognize the pattern, we can identify ANY number as even or odd!

Later in the week, we moved on to skip counting by 5, 10, and 100. We will be skip counting a lot in the weeks to come, especially as we work even more with coins and telling time to the nearest five minutes.

Things to Remember or Make Note of...

-Spelling test will be Thursday, December 11th!

-New spelling list will come home this Thursday.

-As your child reads at home, he/she should be filling in the December Book It! calendar for each 20 minutes read!

-Check & empty your child's blue folder daily!

-Since there is no school on Friday, we will visit the library on Thursday this week! Please help your child to remember his/her books on Thursday!